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Different beard styles

A good beard can really do a lot for man’s face. It can help to emphasize or downplay certain features. It can be used to compliment the shape of the face or give the face a more full appearance. One of the keys to having a good beard is to pick a beard style that works well for the individual.

different beard styles

The first thing to understand is that just because a certain beard style looks good on the next guy, that does not necessarily mean that it is going to look good on you. A variety of different features that will be unique to the individual determine whether one type of beard or another will look good. Things like your hair color, facial structure, head shape and your personal style should play a role when you are thinking about what type of beard to grow.

The full beard

The full beard is a timeless classic when it comes to facial hair and this is one of the styles that can work well for almost anybody. Since it is one of the more versatile beard styles, it also happens to be one of the most popular.

With the full beard, the individual basically just lets their facial hair grow out and then when it has reached a good thickness, they trim it down to make it even. It requires very little maintenance and it looks good. The wearer will need to do some light trimming around the edges. You basically just want to touch-up around the body of the beard to give it some shape, but for the most part, it should sport its natural facial pattern.

The shadow

The shadow is a beard style where the hair is a little more grown out than it would be with a stubble look. The wearer is almost going for a look where it appears as though the facial hair just grew out. However, if you want it to look good, you will have to do some trimming and shaping. Depending on their face shape, the wearer will usually want to trim the beard just below the jaw line and the beard itself will require some trimming with an electric trimmer every two or three days to keep it looking neat.

The tight beard

This is a well-groomed and well-shaped beard that is trimmed tight to the face. It isn’t really a sculpted beard like the ones that you would see on some guys. The hair with this beard will be a little thicker than it is with the shadow and it will require a little more attention to trimming and shaping. With a tight beard, the hair should stop about halfway up the cheek and it should be trimmed so that it meets evenly with the mustache.

These are just some of the most common types of beards that men are wearing right now, but there are tons of style choices out there. Selecting the right beard for the individual can be tricky, but it can’t hurt to try a few different styles to see what works best for your face.

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