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How to fade a beard

Men of all sorts grow beards and the beard that is right for one man may not be the right style for the next. That being said, a proper beard will need some care if it is to look good. If a man does not provide his beard with the proper care, it will kind of look like the hair has more control over the man than the man has over the hair. A good beard will accent or improve upon the shape of the face, but a beard that is out of control and uncared for will have the opposite effect.

For many men, part of proper beard care is knowing how to fade the beard. Some guys do prefer the hard lines of a well-detailed beard, but others may want their beard to blend in with their face a little more and this is where fading comes in. For beards, you have two basic types of fading and those are fading at the neckline and fading the beard into your hair.

Faded Beard

The first thing to know is that fading is going to be a little different for every man. Factors like the shape of your face and the dimensions of different areas of the head and neckline will mean that you need to handle things a little differently. Additionally, the style of your beard and the type of haircut that you have may require some consideration.

To start, let’s talk about fading the neckline. Before any fading is done, you want to trim your beard down to its desired length. With your beard trimmer on a low setting, trim from about an inch past your jawline to the spot where your head meets your neck. Then, you want to go to the lowest setting on your trimmer and go from the top of your neck to the Adam’s apple. Once you are at the Adam’s apple and below, this is an area that should be hairless, so you want to shave that entire area with your razor.

Fading your beard into your haircut is especially important for men that keep their hair tight and short on the sides. Now, this is going to differ depending on the style of the beard and the degree to which the man wants the beard to fade, but there is a basic way that you can approach this type of beard styling. Once you have your beard trimmed down to the length that you wear it, you want to change the trimmer to a setting that is just one or two spots below the longest length of the beard. You then trim outward, getting all of the hair that is going to be faded down to this length. After that, you gradually move down a setting on the trimmer as you get closer to the hair on your head.

Both of these fades can be a little tricky at first and it is always smart to err on the side of caution the first time that you do it – starting on longer settings and working your way down to avoid trimming too much. However, after you have done it a few times, you will start to identify the exact right settings to use and the precise locations to transition from one setting to the next. With a little bit of patience and some practice, it won’t be long before you are getting a perfect fade every time.


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