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How to Stop Your Beard From Being Itchy

For many men, having a nice beard can be a real pleasure. However, there are some issues that cause men to either avoid growing a beard or shave the beard that they already have. When it comes to growing or maintaining a beard, one of the top reasons that many men claim for not sticking with it is the itchiness that can sometimes accompany a beard.

Any man that has grown a beard knows that it can feel irritated in the stages where it is growing and that a full beard can even be itchy from time to time. For some men, this is a clear sign that they need to shave, but if you want to keep your beard, there are other options.

Itchy Beard

Take Care of Your Beard

The first thing that any man should know about beard growing is that it is not something that you just sit back and let it do its own thing. Sure, it will grow that way, but that is the approach that is likely to lead to problems with itchiness and irritation. To have a nice beard that also feels good, a man needs to take time to care for and maintain their facial hair.

If it is a beard that has just started to grow out, the likely problem probably rests with the hair itself. Shaving with a razor sheers the hair off and this leaves sharp little ends. As the beard starts to grow out, these sharp ends are likely to be in contact with the skin and this can cause irritation. Now, there are balms and lotions that are made specifically for this issue, but it can also be addressed by applying a moisturizer to your face once or twice a day.

Clean Your Beard

For a full beard that is already grown out, there could be a few different issues that may cause itchiness. It could be that the individual is not doing a good enough job of cleaning their beard, it could be that they are using the wrong type of cleanser to wash their beard or they could be experiencing dry skin under their beard.

Men can apply a range of different remedies to all of these problems. If the individual is not doing a good job of cleaning their beard, then things like sweat and dead skin cells are built up in there and it is causing irritation. A man with a beard should rinse the hair every day when they are in the shower and probably shampoo it about three times a week. That being said, using the right type of shampoo for a beard is important. The standard hair shampoo may dry the beard and the skin underneath and this could lead to further irritation. A moisturizing shampoo that has essential oils and nutrients will be the best bet. For those who may have a hard time finding the right shampoo, there are some that are specially formulated for cleaning beards.

For guys that are having problems with an itchy beard, there are some answers that don’t require a shave. Caring for the beard and the skin around and under it can provide relief and there is a range of different beard care products like oils and soaps that can make a real difference. Take the time to care for your beard and it will not only look better, but it will feel better too.

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