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Movember: Supporting Men the World Over Through Awareness

Movember. You’ve heard the name before, but what does it a really mean? You may have noticed that men tend to grow a mustache in November, and then shave it off quickly after. It is an annual movement or event to raise awareness for health issues that men suffer from.

Ran by the Movember Foundation, the main goal is to change the “face” of men’s health.Movember

The Goal of the Movember Foundation

Mustaches have turned into a movement. This global charity is committed to men with the goal of the following:

  • Living a happier life.
  • Living a healthier life.
  • Living a longer life.

The cause started small and has now exploded in popularity, with millions of men joining the movement. Sports stars around the world and celebrities can also be seen supporting the movement, which has now raised over $650 million for over 1,000 programs.

Through raising awareness and educating people, the organization funds specific programs, mainly towards cancer.

Four Key Areas of Investing

The awareness that the Movember Foundation has brought to the forefront of the world is all about the organization’s aim to help research specific men’s health issues. Issues where the organization invests this money into is divided into four categories:

  • Prostate Cancer: A major concern among men all over the world. Prostate cancer is the second most popular cancer that men are diagnosed with in the United States. The company brings worldwide knowledge through cancer research, improving the lives of men who are ready diagnosed with prostate cancer, raising awareness and educating men on how they could take action.
  • Testicular Cancer: Men aged 15 – 34 are prone to testicular cancer. This is the most common cancer for younger men, but there’s a 95% chance of a good outcome when diagnosed with this cancer type. The organization spends money on research and treatments, provides proactive support, and educates men on factors of testicular cancer and how to seek treatment.
  • Poor Mental Health: Nearly one out of four adult men have a mental health issue. Globally, one man every minute commits suicide. And, most men don’t realize they have a mental health issue. The goal of research in this area is to develop models to improve mental health, well-being, encourage connections with friends and family, and bring the conversation of mental health into the spotlight.
  • Physical Inactivity: Men, especially in the US, do not meet guidelines for physical activity. Nearly 53.8% of all American men fall into this category. Movember helps people get moving, raise awareness, finds ways to encourage physical activity, and invests in new ways to understand why men don’t want to get moving. There is even a 30 day challenge meant to help encourage physical activity.

Mo Bros and Mo Sistas have shown support for Movember. The global movement started in 2003, when just 30 men grew their mustaches out. Now, as of 2015, the movement has grown to 5 million men growing their mustaches in the month of November in an effort to raise awareness for men’s health issues that often go under the radar.

You can even sign up with the organization for free and joined the Movember movement.

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