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Philips Series 7000 Body Groomer Review

For men, a smooth shave doesn’t have to be just above the neck any longer. Maybe you’re tired of unsightly body hair, or you may have worked hard to get a chiseled body, but your body hair is hiding your abs or legs from really standing out.

Philips has developed an entire series of body groomers or trimmers that aim to help you shave your body – no sharp razors included.

Philips Series 7000 Body Groomer Review

Pesky hairs are not fun. And even if you embrace your “hairy side,” it doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t like a little less hair on your body. The 7000 series is able to trim hair effectively on your:

  • Chest
  • Abs
  • Arms
  • Arm pits
  • Legs
  • Back
  • Shoulders
  • Groin

Wherever hair is – aside from your face – this trimmer works wonders. While I haven’t attempted to shave my face with this shaver, Philips does not recommend it as this is a “below the neck” trimmer / shaver.

Featuring 3D pivoting heads, the TT2040 is able to shave closely to the skin while conforming to the natural contour of the body. High performance, the blades are rounded and combs are present that stop the blades from scratching the skin – goodbye cuts.

And there are five length settings of up to 11/25 inches for precise hair trimming.

Dual blades glide across the skin with minimal pulls along the way. Dreaded razor bumps are also kept to a minimum, so you can shave and go to the beach or lay out at the pool without fearing that razor bumps will be present. And the best part? The entire unit is waterproof.

Men are used to shaving in a sink with shaving cream, but it works a little differently when you’re shaving other areas of the body.

Being able to shave in the shower, for example, allows you to lather your skin with soap and shave, or simply allows for a better cut. I’ve used this trimmer on my dry skin – no shaving cream – and it cut my hair flawlessly. So, you don’t technically need to lather up to get a nice, close shave anywhere on your body.

A 50-minute charge allows you to effectively shave your whole body with time to spare.

When this shaver dies, all it takes is one hour to fully recharge. There is also a charge stand included, so you can store the Series 7000 right on your bathroom counter. An LED light will warn you when the shaver’s battery life is too low or if it is fully charged, so your shaver is ready when you need it most.


  • Shaves quickly and painlessly
  • Works on even those sensitive areas (groin)
  • Can be used in the shower
  • Battery life is exceptional


  • Doesn’t shave as close as a traditional razor

You’re not going to get a shave that is as smooth as a traditional razor. While you’ll get a very close shave, nothing beats a real razor. But you’ll also avoid cuts and you won’t waste hours in the process.

Don’t get me wrong, you’ll have a very close shave.

And when shaving or trimming your delicate spots, you’ll want to go slow and take your time. Just remember to keep a clip on or you will cut your scrotum (it happens with every trimmer / shaver).

The Philips Series 7000 is affordable, easy to use and trims hair in seconds instead of minutes.

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